Balloon Tower Defense 5

Balloon Tower Defense 5Balloons Tower Defense 5 is my favorite of the tower defense games and CrunchBall 3000 is of the sport games. My favorite part of the game is that I have a free account so I can save my progress and pick up playing later. This lets me simply play a quick game between my classes and then pick up with the game after I am done with classes. The game is a very simple concept. A bunch of balloons will take a pass to cross the map and your job is to build these defensive towers that pop the balloons for you. However, if a balloon gets by you lose a life and once you’re out of lives you lose. This game has a lot of strategy with it because you have to choose which towers you buy and since each tower costs different amounts of money and has different powers you have to choose carefully.

Your first limit in this game is your money. You start out with limited funds and the only way to get more money is to pop balloons. If your towers do not pop enough balloons you will not get money and if you do not have money you can’t buy more towers. As you can see you have got to stay out of this loop or you’re going to lose.

The other limit is that you only have a certain number of lives. Now each level will have more balloons than the level before it did and the balloons will get harder to pop. As the levels increase you will start seeing more challenging balloons such as metal ones. The metal ones can only be popped by certain towers, such as the ones that launch bombs and those that shoot plasma beams.

If you are starting off at the beginning of the game I would recommend that you pick a normal dart monkey first. These are simple towers that throw a dart to pop a balloon. They are great at the beginning since they can pop most of the balloons in the game and you can upgrade the tower later on in the game when you get some money.
That brings us to the next point in the game, which is that you can upgrade towers. When you purchase a towers upgrade you are investing money in that tower but it will now be able to pop balloons faster. For example you may spend extra money on a tower but now that normal monkey tower can shoot darts faster or throws darts that pops 2 balloons instead of 1.

towersBalloons Tower Defense 5 is a very family friendly and simple game. However, for a game where you are popping balloons you actually need a lot of strategy and planning if you want to have a chance at winning the game. There is no right way to play the game. The best way you can improve is to play several times and try out all the towers to see what works best for you. You will probably lose a few times but, use each of those loses to your advantage and learn what you need to do to beat those balloons next time.

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