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ESPN Linebacker 2 Game Tips

The hardcore simulation offerings of American Football games have always been very popular with the gaming audience, but the arcade football games can make for a fun substitute. They are fast paced, innovative and have the license to go crazy and throw any semblance of realism out of the window. When executed right, this often makes for a fresh experience unlike anything one has ever played.

Linebacker 2Many browser based and smartphone based arcade football titles have made an impression on gamers recently but most of them have the player playing the role of the quarterback or running back. Linebacker 2 on the other hand as its name suggests puts the player in the shoes of the less glamorous but equally important linebacker. It is a browser based game which is a part of the espn arcade set of games.

The objective of the Linebacker 2 is to take down the running back before he reaches the end zone. As the last line of defense in your team, the player has to take on or avoid the many other blockers to get to the running back. The camera angle is set so as to give an aerial view of the field. The game is divided into 15 stages with each stage having 4 levels. Only 4 lives are provided to complete as many levels and get as high a score as possible. Although it is possible to get an extra life by watching a short advertisement, it is a little annoying. Once out of lives, the stages act as continue points and the player starts from the last level it reached but the scores are reset to 0. The stages get more challenging as the game progresses, adding more and stronger blockers and introducing environmental obstacles to slow your progress like ice, snow and mud. Like any other arcade game, power ups are littered around the field like speed boosts and shoes which allow the player to run on mud and ice unobstructed. After reaching certain stages the player receives special powers like bull rush, throw down and shuck to take on the opposition although using these reduces the score achieved.


The control scheme for Linebacker 2 is fairly simple. I,J,K and L are used to move the linebacker while Spacebar is used to initiate a dive tackle. A,S and D are used for triggering special moves once they are unlocked. A second control scheme with W,A,S and D for movement and J,K and L for special moves can also be used. Arrow keys are also permitted for player movement. The variety on the controls is a welcome addition.

Final Thoughts:
Linebacker 2 keeps the player on their toes by adding more variety in gameplay as the game progresses, from new power ups to changing weather conditions and more. The graphics are good while the animations are crisp, and every crunching tackle gives a great sense of satisfaction. The ability to share your high score and check the world leaderboard is also a very neat feature in Linebacker 2.

The game overall has a very polished feel to it and most importantly, for an arcade game, Linebacker 2 is a lot of fun to play just like Gun Mayhem 2 .


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Are you a zombie game enthusiast? The zombie game market is headed nowhere but up!

ZombiesThe video gaming market has seen lots of companies breaking into the zombie games area, creating high competitors. This is due to the big need, which has actually seen the players need for even more features from the creators and specifically the complexity in the video game as a lot of players really want challenging video games. Well, following the launch of range of video games, let’s take a look at a few of the zombie games, which have actually captured everybody’s attention.

Red Dead Redemption: Undead Headache

This can be accessed on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 platforms. Red dead not only occurs to be a fantastic Wild West title however also one of the best video games ever made. Established by Rockstar San Diego, the Undead Nightmare includes the Wild West being overrun by crowds of Zombies. The group engageded in producing the game played a major role in guaranteeing the players feel as if they are battling by means of a schlocky zombie B-movie. Exposure of headshots as the significant method of killing the Undead for good just makes this game more exciting to get to the next level! Flash platforms are also pretty advanced today, take a look on earntodie2, simple site yet it allows you to play awesome car zombie games – earn to die in online mode.

Stubbs The Zombie In “Rebel Without A Pulse” Accessible on Xbox and PC, “Stubbs” has actually gathered considerable interest to players for many years. Topping amongst the very best games in commercial, the game is engaging and puts gamers on wanting scenarios. Starring gamers are personalized to rotting skin of a zombie, power to bite, consume and eliminate their means to the town of Punchbowl. Fundamentally, the video game has a wicked sense of humor displaying the whole Zombie genre. This image is represented and treated with utmost respect by the designers. Established by Wideload Games, this game features Stubbs as the leader of the zombies, providing him power to command over the mobs of the undead. Simply however to mention, the game requires unique attack functions such as permitting the player to toss their own body parts at their enemies as a means of defense! It just makes it more fun shambling all over the town, bringing an end to civilization, one brain at a time! Dead Increasing Established by Capcom Production studio 1, dead rising is yet another amazing zombie game. It is accessible on Xbox 360 platform. Dead rising takes place to be amongst the gamers’ finest game. This is a survival video game where the gamer is caught up in a mall and needs to battle their way out, I would like to also mention scary maze hub blog where you can play funny scary prank games which is very popular today. Ultimately, the gamer needs to make it through and undergoes 72 hours to conserve survivors in the mall. When the circumstance heats, the gamer undergoes a zombie image and extended power to help him make it through the situation. Though it hits some unfavorable evaluations from the ever fighting bosses and internal propagandas, dead rising is still amongst the best zombie video games you should play! In conclusion, there are more Zombie video games to come! Be on the look out to catch brand-new releases! Have a good time being a “Zombisious” J.

Well, following the launch of variety of video games, let’s have a look at some of the zombie video games, which have actually caught everybody’s attention.

Are you a zombie game enthusiast? The zombie game market is headed nowhere but up!The team involved in developing the video game played a significant role in making sure the gamers feel as if they are fighting by means of a schlocky zombie B-movie. Topping amongst the finest video games in commercial, the game is engaging and puts gamers on desiring scenarios. Dead Increasing Established by Capcom Production studio 1, dead rising is yet another amazing zombie game. It strikes some negative evaluations from the ever battling employers and internal propagandas, dead rising is still among the best zombie video games you ought to play! If you like flash games try Tank Trouble 2 at .

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What Zoid has to say about flash games and its success

Arcade video games are my preferred type of the video games. Some individuals call this classification coin-op video games as well, generally you play these video games from home entertainment device and these devices are put in public companies.

anime gamesNow given that my youth lots of things have actually altered and today many individuals choose to play flash video games, you could ask why, response is basic, you can play these video games without leaving your home from your browser 24/7. I have actually inspected couple of websites which were providing these totally free online video games and I was amazed, I imply there were like hundreds of thousands of video games and all of them were complimentary and they were quite great.

This reality motivated me to compose following post, it resembles times have actually altered and innovation moved far far ahead. Today video gaming market is ruled by online video games, it is likewise intriguing that old individuals play video games as well and they can do it from their working location. Sometimes you may come across fan made games like unfair mario flash game, where you see some crazy additions which in fact is great.

Couple words about classifications of these video games would behave, so there resemble lots of various classifications: automobile video games, bike video games, racing video games, tower defense video games, puzzle video games and a lot more; it will certainly take me a while to show each one of them right here.noobs

Generally individuals who do not play video games extremely commonly discover it hard to understand which classification would be best for them, I understand it will certainly take some time, however if you wish to discover option to this you will certainly need to see video gaming website and give a try various video games, eventually you will certainly find ideal classification for you.

Great deal of video games have cheats made it possible for, cheats are type of unreasonable kind of the video game, they permit you to obtain immediate levels, immediate opens or some unique powers which provide you big advantages and it is practically difficult to beat you. I’m not big keen on cheats, they make video game less intriguing and it is not challenging any more.

Being noob is likewise another difficult part of video gaming world, normally brand-new gamers have no chance to win versus gamers with experience, there are few factors for this, however major factor is absence of quick response and absence of experience. Do not stress, you will certainly progress quickly too, simply do not quit. If still prefer to play alone one more time choice should go with flash games, for example territory war 3 is free, single player and fun.

Some computer game have accomplishments too, these accomplishments are benefits for finishing various difficulties, they are normally promoted in your profile and it permits you attract attention of the crowd and reveal everybody how experienced you are. Some accomplishments are simple to achieve and some are exceptionally tough, you might likewise have to discover competent group to assist you.

sword action gameGames are fantastic, they bring a great deal of experience in your life and they assist you to get away everyday regimen.

Arcade video games are my preferred type of the video games. Main factor for this is that these video games advise me of my youth, I made use of to play them all day long and I think many of you did the very same method. Some individuals call this classification coin-op video games as well, normally you play these video games from home entertainment device and these devices are put in public companies.

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